Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Pick the Right Silver Jewellery for Your Neckline

Before picking out a necklace to pair with your traditional or western wear, make sure you consider the neckline of your attire.  Here are some guidelines to help you pick the right silver jewellery for your neckline:

Boat Neck – Flaunting a boat neck dress?  Short necklace length is a big NO! Instead go for a lightweight long neckpiece.

V Neck – When it comes to V necks matching is the key, our suggestion is to go for a parallel V shaped necklace that ends right above your neckline.

One shoulder – With one shoulder outfits its best to avoid a necklace altogether, instead you can go for a stunning pair of big dangle earrings.
silgo silver necklace
silgo silver necklace 

Square Neck - A square neck is on-trend and bold so it’s best to opt for a neckpiece that works with geometric, angular, stout and gallant lines. Also, make sure your necklace  rests right above the neckline for a glamorous look.

Asymmetric Neck – Pick an asymmetric neckpiece for an asymmetric neckline, otherwise you can also opt for a long neckpiece with different shaped or sized embellishments.

Halter Neck - Halter often creates a somewhat V shaped neckline, so pick a neckpiece with a narrow shape another perfect style for halter can be a lasso or Y necklace.

Sweetheart Neck – This particular neckline is somewhat wide so the neckpiece must balance the look. For this neckline you can either go for a chic strand of pearls or a bold statement necklace.

Strapless Neck – You don’t want to cover up a strapless neckline with a chunky neckpiece. It’s best to go for a short necklace that highlights the neckline without competing.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Shower some Compliments with CZ Stud Earring!!!

What if we found some shimmering objects lying on our earlobes and beautifying our ears elegantly!!! I guess ear accessories are the one which highlights your face beautifully with a sense of style and elegance.

There are enormous styles which are available in the earring section. Some of the names are hoops, danglers, jhumkis, studs, etc. Recently, the type which is selling like hot cake is CZ silver stud earring.

silver earring
925 stud earring

The reason behind their fondness is their ultimate look given by the creative designers. They craft the studs in almost all the available design a metal can mould into.
From simple floral, three stud pattern to typical peacock style studs are the unique creation of the jewel creators. The clear the stones are set, more beautiful the piece will look.

A radiant look designer 925 crackled stud earring is the creation of an online store The piece is so stylish with the CZ embellishments that it would definitely enhance your treasure box.

The cubic zircons are also referred as American diamonds which are the new love for the diamond fantasy folks. It is because it gives you somewhat a similar look of shimmering style in their budget only.

Therefore, just shower some compliments in your look with the designer and stylish sterling silver ear accessories range!!!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Fill your Cart with Latest Designer CZ Silver Ring

Rings are very special for every lady. Being they are her first proposal ring or an engagement one! It holds a very strong connection in her heart. Though, it is a tangible product but there are many emotions attached to it.

In the league of the varieties of finger rings there are many options. From simple silver metal ring to various stone studded one. Rubies, emeralds, sapphires are all precious and semi-precious gemstones which are used to embellish the collection of the same.
Moreover, there is one more stone which is most commonly used by the designers’ i.e. cubic zircons. They are also known as American diamonds which gives a similar look of diamonds.

925 sterling silver ring
silgo cz silver ring

People who wish to wear and buy diamonds but can’t afford it, for them it is simply a best option.  When chunks of stunning CZ are added to a piece it perfectly gives a name to the ring as latest designer CZ silver ring.

To give a perfect combination to the piece silversmiths also add some other stones with the zircons like rubies and sapphires to give an extra modish look. Also, the stone studded rings are usually created by the master designers because it is necessary to set the every stone to the finest.

When the stones are set in a very clean way it ultimately increases the beauty of the piece. CZ stones finger accessory is in high vogue. Girls and ladies generally flaunt their hands with the designer pieces gifted to them by their partner. So, do you get any if not then just buy 925 sterling silver rings for yourself and shimmer, glitter like stars.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Peacock Pattern Dangle Earrings!!!

Silver earrings are the most beautiful accessory type which completes your look and add a touch of shine to your face. It comes in enormous styles, types, varieties and sizes.

Some of the common types of the same are stud, jhumki, huggy, dangle, etc. Among all, dangles are the one which are must in the woman jewel case. It also comes in different sizes and patterns.

peacock designer earrings
peacock designer silver earrings

Long one is generally heavy in weight but it looks amazingly best. Girls having small face prefer to wear the same so that it highlights their front appearance. Shapes like bell, temple, cone, flower, are found in the section of silver dangle earrings.

One of the recent and most trendy varieties running in the market is the peacock pattern. It would definitely go with your traditional outfit which would be a multi-colored one!!!

You can easily found the same in any local market or can go online. One of the online stores SILgo launches the mayuri collection which holds various earrings, rings, bangles, of peacock pattern.

One of the seamless peacock accents dangle earring is their beautiful creation which is a perfect length in the category. It holds the shimmering CZ and bright sapphires which purely upgrading its beauty. You can attire the same with your heavy saree or can gift to your friend who is newly married.

If you do not wear long ear accessories because of their heavy weight, then need not to worry because now the silversmiths creates beautiful designs in light weight.

The aforesaid pattern is an evergreen one which is running from the ancient times. Earlier queens wear peacock feathers to personify their beauty and heavy necklaces and earring and now the designers following the same old trend by giving them a little modern touch.

So, are you ready to paint yourself in the beautiful colors of peacock? If yes, then search the mayuri silver jewellery collection.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A Colorful Splash with Stunning Silver Jewellery Range!

On this day, the fragrance of colors is creating a beautiful aura all around. The whole world is equipped with balloons, gulal, shower guns, etc.

It is the festival which makes everyone a small child. This day fill every shade from red, green to blue, yellow in the life of people. In the morning folk enjoys with their family and friends by playing with colors.

And in the evening, they go to their relative or friends and exchange sweets and gifts. There are many options which people offer to their near and dear ones. 

happy holi with 925 sterling silver
silgo colorful jewellery 
Some offer token of love as the sterling silver jewellery. The main assortments of the same include rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Usually, jewellery is a precious one and it cannot be gifted to anyone just like that. We only offer gems and jewels to those are really close to our heart or very special.

If affordability criteria come in between then silver metal is very pocket-friendly. It comes in latest trendy designs which are loved by people of every age group.

Generally jewellery is loved by all but most commonly it is adore by women. She has much collection in her wardrobe but still for every occasion she needs a new one!

You can pick any trinket for your friend among the available varieties and make the festival of Holi really a colorful one. So, just have a colorful splash with stunning 925 sterling silver jewellery range!

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Chunky Shimmering Silver Jewellery for your Lady

There is a special woman in everybody’s life. Being she is your mother, sister or your wife; you would love to make her feel special on the coming Women’s Day! There are many ways with which you can bring smile on her face.

Roses, balloons, chocolates, cakes but what about a perfect gift which she will wear and memorize your sweet gesture? Well, while selecting a gift for her just wonder what a lady actually loves!! Ohh! Still wondering! Just buy chunky shimmering silver jewellery for your lady and surprise her with your love and care.
Women’s Day gift
Women’s Day 2017
Women are always die-heart fan of trinkets. She always has enough in her treasure box but for every new occasion, she needs a new pair. There are wide collection in the assortments of silver gems and jewels which you can pick. Some of them are earrings, rings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, etc.
But, if you are confused what to buy and what not to! Then, you can go for best silver necklace on this Women’s Day i.e. 08th March 2017. There are wide varieties and styles in the necklace section. It would not only highlight the charming neckline of your lady but brings a little extra glow on her beautiful face.

If her taste is little simple yet classy you can go for statement pieces. Also, if she loves little loose pieces go for pendant necklace which would beautify her seamlessly. Moreover, if you want some extra unique and special; turn your search area to the online stores.

Through, e-stores you can find the designs and styles of the latest designers without going any other way. It means you can select the best gift for women and make her feel extra-ordinary and exceptional!!! It is not necessary that you have to select necklaces; you can also go with other trinkets according to her taste and style.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Match the Color of your Outfit with the Silver Studs!

Silver studs are always women best friends. She always has varieties of the same in her collection. From big to small, chunky to elegant, classy to royal she knows what suits her best in terms of her original style. 

Wearing small earrings loved by many ladies. But now as trend says that “you look beautiful in which you feel comfortable.” So to follow the same now even girls adore stud earring.

Carved Stud Earring
stud earrings

Even, they have almost matching colors studs with their costume. This was made possible by the creative designers who use amazing colorful stones to give more choices to the buyers.

From blue sapphires to dazzling emeralds, almost every stone is used by the creators to enhance the collection of designer silver earrings section.

And to give more varieties to pick from, silgo is presenting a beautiful stud in their collection. The floral pattern of the same is so much appealing and modern that would catch your fancy for sure. The setting of stone at every edge of the piece makes it more gorgeous.

Pink colored ruby stones dazzle the earrings in a most fine way. The name which is given to this piece properly justifies its look and appearance i.e. intricately carved stud earring. The word “intricately” which means in a detailed way.

This piece is crafted with so much detailing that its each stone shines seamlessly. The perfect shine of the piece make it the centre of attraction. So, are you ready to jazz up your look with the enchanting stud earring!!! If yes, hurry to your nearest silver jewellery online store!!