Thursday, 19 January 2017

Online Valentine Gift For Her

Love needs pampering, care, concern, feelings, emotions, etc. And to express the same some exchange of gifts are essential. Though, presents have materialistic value but it also have some feelings attached to it.

You can buy beautiful dresses, roses, flowers, cakes for her! But I guess, on this valentine you should buy an exclusive piece of silver jewellery for your lovely partner.
From the mermaid of same you can choose dazzling earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Also if you want to mismatch the trinkets for her, select beautiful silver jhumkas with a trendy piece of statement necklace!

valentine gift for her
Valentine Gift for Her
Searching for the place from where you can acquire a stunning trinket!! Not a big issue you can choose designer online valentine gift for her! With the availability of various e-stores you can browse and select many beautiful trinkets gifts for your lady love.

Bouquets, flowers are the beautiful gifts, but a piece of jewellery would create a memory which would cherish forever! There are many metals which you can choose for her but silver are one of the beautiful, shimmering and affordable one! So, search online silver rings gift for your partner!!!

At online sites you can you can find amazing collections of designer trinkets! Its easy payment methods, return policies, exclusive varieties would make you fall for online shopping.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Highlight your Face with Designer Silver Earrings

From dangles to studs, traditional to western; your stock is filled with numerous designer silver earrings! But, still you never had much for your new looks. Yes, women/girls every-time need a new pair of ear accessory for her every outfit.

Being it is a long anarkali dress or it is your denims you want to garnish. The assortments of same would please you with her designs and styles. If there is no event and still you want to look glamorous and gorgeous try out the big diva studs which would garnish your persona immensely.
buy silver earrings
Silver Earrings
However, if you want to buy the earrings according to your face cut! Then, for you medium size dangles would be your best partner. If your choice is little traditional and conventional, then try out chandbalis.

If you are colour lover and want to go with latest trend then just try blue sapphires studded silver earrings. Though, you can go to local market for your favourite trinket collection. But, if you want to make your shopping easy and comfortable!

Then, search some online silver jewellery store which offers branded hallmarked trinkets at best price. The benefit of going online to buy some designer pieces of earrings is you can compare the same piece with other websites.

We all know that ear accessory can complete our look. Our face got highlighted when some shimmery items are connected to our earlobes. So, just enjoy your shopping online or offline and highlight you face with designer silver earrings.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Please You’re Partner with Some Silver Jewellery

On every Valentine’s Day you go at a shop explore new gifts, cards, chocolates and lots more. But now it is the time to turn somewhat unique and extra-ordinary.

Though, all that stuff creates a memory but you should buy a gift which last forever. The present which can brings smile on her face and tears in her eyes!

And to please your female partners what can be best then a pair of silver jewellery! The reason behind that we all know how women love jewels and gems. A trinket which she can adore and adorn beautifully and elegantly!

Whether you would take her on long drive or on candle light dinner, her shimmering earrings won’t stop you to fall for her again.

The sterling silver earrings which would be gifted by you garnishes her skinny charming beauty. You date with her on the Valentine’s night would be as special as your first date with her!!!

If the taste of your lady love is little glossy and shimmery, you should go for CZ stones studded silver jewellery! Designers creatively set the cubic zircons in the trinkets to give them a rich and classy look.

But, if her treasure loves to update with colors go for rubies, sapphires, emeralds studded trinkets. You can also sneak her valentine costume to buy matching jewels for her.
So, prepare to please your partner with some unique gifts this year. But, never forget to buy flowers, chocolates for her as they are mandatory!!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Go Online Silver Jewellery Shopping for this Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is approximately one month away! Have you decided and bought gifts for your valentine. Yes, chocolates, flowers, cards are all essentials which bring life to the special day.

But you can make the day more special by buying beautiful shimmery silver jewellery for your partner. Yes, the assortments of silver trinkets are filled with many designs and styles for both men and women.

Silgo Silver Jewellery Valentine
Silgo Valentine Silver Jewellery 

Enchanting appealing rings, elegant bracelets, earrings are all categories from which you can pick your perfect jewel. This day is celebrated to bring the colours of love in everyone’s life.

You can buy beautiful collection of gems and jewels from any local store. But, if you want some really exclusive piece for your partner go online. E-stores not only give you the chance to buy some exclusive pieces but they will give you a comfort of doing shopping by sitting at home.

With online shopping, you can give a nice surprise to your partner! Ordering Silgo silver jewellery online can also give her a chance to open the door full of surprises.
So, are you ready to make her feel special and loved! Though, there is no day to celebrate the day of love but if the history made one why not to enjoy them!!

Monday, 9 January 2017

Celebrate the Lohri with Silver Jewellery!

No festival can be celebrated without beautiful clothes, heavy shimmering jewellery and enthusiasm to enjoy the day with your close relatives and family.

And in the assortment of gems and jewels, silver is the metal which is loved by everyone. Punjabis generally love heavy chunky trinkets! Silver is the most glittering and glistening choice of metal among all.

Its mermaid usually includes rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets and necklaces. The girls on this day groom her with traditional outfits and trinkets.

silgo lohri silver jewellery
jewellery for lohri festival 

From big silver jhumkas to glamorous silver bracelets everything is adorned by the women. To compliment her desi avatar she embellishes her beauty with glittering shine.

On this festival families light bonfire, do some pooja and tap their feet on dhol beats! Typical ladies do gidda, bhangra and fill the atmosphere with great positivity.
They also offer presents to their friends and close relatives. If you are also planning to offer some gifts to your dear one then latest designer collection of silver jewellery can help you!

It means amazing collection of the same can bring light to your life. So, where are you? Just enjoy the first festival of New Year with the new, exclusive varieties of the same.

You can buy your favourite trinket from any local store or can surf to various silver jewellery online stores! To enhance the beauty of yours search for the trendy trinket and make it yours!!!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Choose your Perfect Accessory!

When you go for your jewellery shopping, you are confused what to buy and what not! But if you will decide in advance then I guess your shopping experience would be great.

Though, there are many items from which you can pick your favorite one. For instance you can choose enchanting rings for your fingers or a necklace to adore your neckline.
Sometimes we become choosy in selecting our perfect accessory! Either we select some bangles or pick some earrings for our avatar.

silver jewellery online
Silgo Silver Jewellery Store
No matter what type of accessory we choose, it is important first we should decide the metal! Yes, jewellery is available in number of metals.

From gold to platinum, silver to oxidized trinkets the market is filled with numerous metals. You just have to pick your desire one!

With the increasing prices of gold, the demand of silver has gained popularity. We all are aware of the fact that silver jewellery is very affordable form of trinkets. It is available in best price and in best range! From amazing designs to simplest one it has many collections.

Silversmiths use many different stones to craft trinkets and jewellery. Turquoise, rubies, emeralds all are being used and loved by people when combined with the metal.
Its perfect sheen and texture make the trinkets look lovely and elegant! The main factor why Silgo silver jewellery has gained popularity is its availability in affordable price.

Today people are going for the accessories which are available in best price and in exclusive designs. Gone are the days when people go for only gold.

Now they prefer that much which are in trend and suits everyone! So, have you planned your schedule for shopping and choosing perfect accessory for you!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Some Quick Tips to test your Silver Jewellery at Home

Folks love the flash light of silver metal! But, what if you come to know that your trinkets are not real! Well, do not fear it will never happen in any of the case if you will pay a little attention at the time of buying your precious pieces of jewels.
Also, after buying if you want to check your trinkets at home you can do so! By following some easy steps you would come to know whether your trinkets are real or you came under the trap of fake jewelers.

Quick Tips

Well here are some tricks to be followed at home to identify the genuineness of the jewel pieces:

Check the stamp
All your trinkets must have 925 marks on it! So, you can check that mark on the hidden area of your very own and personal trinkets!

Twinkling Sound
Silver jewellery always produces a nice twinkling sound. This is also called sound test! You can collides number of trinkets with each other and hear their sound!!

Melting Test
Many of us are aware of the fact that if you keep your shimmery trinkets on ice, ice will melt faster! Yes, it is true that ice would definitely melts at the room temperature but sterling silver melt the ice faster!

Generally the ornaments of silver are made by sterling silver which 92.5% of pure silver and rest 7.5% is generally an alloy copper. Another type of silver is pure one and is also called fine silver.

It is generally soft then sterling that is why is not use to make trinkets. To give more rigidity and firmness to the pieces of gems and jewels 925 sterling silver is used.
It also looks shimmery and shiny when combined with other precious and semi-precious gemstones. Its color, texture when came in contact with the stones give trinkets a new shine and style.

So are you ready to check your gems and jewels at home. Follow the aforesaid tricks and identify your real, beautiful and exotic 925 sterling silver jewellery!